Priority Connections has been providing engineer, furnish and network installation services for nearly 30 years.

Low Voltage Cabling

Structured low voltage cabling is the term used to define the underlying network infrastructure that supports all data traffic for an office park, school campus, city/town governments or an individual business.  A properly installed and managed network enables technicians to easily perform moves, adds and changes on your network without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions.

Priority Connections Structured Cabling Solutions, include all the cables and associated equipment/apparatus necessary to provide service between IT Rooms and end user stations or device locations.  You see these devices and stations throughout all buildings in the form of cameras, computers, VoIP telephones, wireless access points or any other device that accesses a network.

Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber Infrastructure is utilized to connect areas of a campus or building’s IT closets together (see diagrams).  At Priority Connections, we utilize fiber fusion splicing technology to create the best performing and most reliable continuous end to end solutions.  Certified test results, performance guarantees and equipment warranties all add up to a quality solution and customer peace of mind.

Hub Graphic
Network Types

Copper Networks

Copper Networks provide the end user an integration point where users plug in their computers and other devices and expect the machines and devices to function properly.  Many factors such as switches and network speed play important roles in network efficiency.  However, without an efficient structured network infrastructure, the quality of the network’s performance will suffer and cause overall user/employee productivity to diminish.  Financial consequences in downtime, employee frustration and speed with which tasks are completed all play a part in the overall user experience.  Priority Connections offers network evaluations and can work with you to take control of your network.