Fiber optic internet provides the connection stability and internet speed your organization needs to get more done. Partner with Priority Connections, the trusted, local provider for fiber optic internet near Syracuse NY and surrounding areas. Our fiber optic internet team has the specialized equipment, infrastructure and installation professionals to take care of everything for you. Get more done with less downtime with Priority Connections fiber optic internet for businesses and organizations.

Fiber Optic Internet Keeps Your Organization Connected

Priority Connections provides end to end fiber optic internet solutions. We’re the perfect fit for various businesses and commercial organizations, including, but not limited to:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Schools and universities
  • Municipalities
  • and any other type of business
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fiber optic internet near syracuse ny fiber cabling benefits of fiber optic internet from priority connections

What is Fiber Optic Internet?

Fiber optic internet works by delivering information from one place to another via infrared light pulses that travel through optical fiber.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic cabling provides more reliability than electrical cabling. Fiber optic internet has the bandwidth capacity to provide a stable, high speed internet connection for even the largest organizations.  Another advantage of fiber optic internet is an immunity to electrical problems.

  • Higher Bandwidth Capacity – More People Can Get More Done with Less Lag
  • Less Downtime That Interrupts Productivity
  • The Infrastructure to Keep Your Organization Connected

The Trusted Partner for Fiber Optic Internet

  • Certified Speed Test Results

  • Performance Guarantees

  • Equipment Guarantees

Support a Local Business with Fiber Optic Internet near Syracuse NY

Priority Connections is a locally owned and operated business offering the best fiber optic internet near Syracuse NY and surrounding regions. Priority Connections is the trusted partner when organizations need fiber optic internet in any of the following areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Syracuse NY
  • Fayetteville NY
  • Manlius NY
  • Liverpool NY
  • Dewitt NY
  • Baldwinsville NY
  • Albany NY
  • Rochester NY
  • Cortland NY
  • Ithaca NY
  • and more
fiber optic internet near syracuse ny fiber cabling support a local business from priority connections

Growing Your Business Starts with Fiber Optic Internet