The Priority Connections team has nearly 30 years of professional experience with engineering, furnishing and installing structured cabling solutions.

What is Structured Cabling?

structured cabling ny image of connected cables from priority connectionsStructured cabling refers to the network infrastructure that makes it possible for offices, campuses, municipalities or an individual company to connect to internal networks as well as the internet.  Priority Connections has the expertise and equipment to provide structured cabling that minimizes downtime and interruptions while making it easy to move, add or change your network. 

When you partner with Priority Connections for your organization’s structured cabling, we provide all the cables and equipment to connect your IT Rooms and devices. This keeps your organization connected and productive.  Monitoring to address and minimize downtime is also available with our structured cabling. Authorized network administrators can see all the devices connected to your network, including cameras, computers, VoIP phone systems or any other devices. 

Benefits of Partnering with Priority Connections for Your Structured Cabling

Sluggish connections can disrupt productivity. Additionally, network outages can completely derail your workload. With structured cabling from Priority Connections, your organization has the infrastructure to stay connected and get more done.

Structured Cabling Featuring Fiber Cabling

Fiber cabling is a type of structured cabling that connects IT closets together (see diagrams).  Priority Connections is the trusted experts for fiber splicing.  Fiber splicing from Priority Connections provides the most dependable end to end solutions. You can be confident that fiber splicing provides the performance your organization can rely on. Priority Connections provides the following fiber splicing assurances:

  • Certified test results,
  • Performance guarantees,
  • Equipment warranties
structured cabling ny diagram of connected hubs from priority connections

Do You Need Fiber Splicing and Installation?

Structured Cabling with Copper Networks

Copper Networks are a type of structured cabling that provides people who are on your network with a place to plug in their devices.  Switches and network speed can impact how efficiently your network functions.  If your organization doesn’t have structured cabling, network performance can lag, causing frustration and reduced productivity. Priority Connections can address your network’s downtime issues, empowering your organization to get more done. 

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The Trusted Partner for Structured Cabling in NY State

Organizations across New York State trust Priority Connections for their structured cabling. Priority Connections provides structured cabling, including fiber splicing, near the following regions, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Syracuse NY
  • Fayetteville NY
  • Albany NY
  • Rochester NY
  • Ithaca NY
  • Cortland NY

Get More Done with Less Downtime. Structured Cabling Makes It Happen.